wonder woman role in batman vs superman / Wonder Woman's Role In Batman V. Superman Is Linked To The Future Of The Justice League

wonder woman role in batman vs superman

wonder woman role in batman vs superman

Leave a comment Cancel reply. Clip Without a stand-alone movie — Goyer has hinted that Warner is reluctant to give us one of those for the time being — this might just be the best way to introduce DC's most powerful female superhero. During a recent press stop for the upcoming Justice League , Gadot made it clear that she's aware of the problematic depiction of Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman but in a very different way. Over on the other side of the argument, one has to wonder quite how Snyder and his team are planning to shoehorn in Wonder Woman when we already know the new film has to give a pretty big portion of screen time to Ben Affleck's Batman. But how much characterization will end up in the Wonder Woman we see on the big screen in Superman vs Batman? The Maniacal Geek.

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