rit dating and relationships program / RIT students raise awareness of domestic violence | RIT

rit dating and relationships program

rit dating and relationships program

The freedom to explore and engage in diverse opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom has allowed me to connect with remarkable people, learn from demanding environments, and cultivate enduring relationships. If you want more context, especially how these topics evolve across the RIT bands, please refer to the Learning Continuum. I got the opportunity to study at the University of Oxford for the whole of my junior year, where I worked as a digital researcher with the Multaka Oxford project at the Pitt Rivers Museum. In the last two or three years, he added content about drugs, alcohol and bullying. Meet Antoinette! June 15, Continuing with this idea, he talked about the media, saying the media are in the business of selling—and that today they are in the business of selling sex.

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