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nct taeyong dating scandal

nct taeyong dating scandal

What's more, the netizen said that Jeon Somi was smoking a cigarette in the "Anymore" music video, and Taeyong's line in his song "Monroe" has the word "cigarette. The dating rumors between Taeyong of NCT and Yeonjun of TXT started after they were caught having an intense flirtation in the middle of a live show, from there in different forums the rumor started, and still none of the idol companies have come out to confirm or deny any situation. While sometimes there is more concrete evidence, such as photos taken of secret meetings or otherwise, more often than not, people seem to be grasping at straws when trying to make a case for two idols dating. Lady Gaga fans are starting to get worried about the style of her next album May 28, Add to library Discussion Night Mode. He hasn't formed many relationships since he was

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