Lenton and Francesconi (2024) speed dating / Speed Dating and Decision-Making: Why Less Is More | Scientific American

Lenton and Francesconi (2024) speed dating

Lenton and Francesconi (2024) speed dating

As men have historically played the role of providers, it goes without saying that characteristics such as earning potential, status, and traits such as ambition should play a larger role in their mate value. This is despite its correlation with attractiveness being weak and not significant at the. If you're enjoying this article, consider supporting our award-winning journalism by subscribing. No effects of similarity were found either. Attractiveness was measured by a combination of the mean rating given by the people they dated and given by opposite-sex nonparticipants who rated their photo. A possible explanation suggested for the lack of sex differences in selection based on earnings potential is that they are relevant mostly insofar as a certain threshold is necessary to pass, which the men in the current sample may have passed. Sidari, M.

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