is mizkif dating emily / Twitch's Mizkif, Maya, and Emiru Drama Explained

is mizkif dating emily

is mizkif dating emily

The gag has been running for several years, and since the two posted a video pretending to be siblings as recently as September , don't expect the gag to end anytime soon. Your changes have been saved. Mizkif has in turn criticized other Twitch streamers for commenting on his private relationship with Maya, causing the conversation to expand into a broader argument about drama and how streamers react to personal conflicts within the Twitch and YouTube communities. Some fans thought they looked alike, which spawned rumors they were siblings. Maya and Mizkif started dating sometime in the summer of , confirming their relationship in a YouTube video during August Opt-out of personalized ads. These relationships spur lucrative and entertaining collaborations that fans and creators alike benefit from.

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