first egyptologist to use sequence dating / Egyptology News: Dating the Predynastic for beginners - Part 1

first egyptologist to use sequence dating

first egyptologist to use sequence dating

Scientific career. The human burials were different from anything previously excavated. He was funded by various sponsors during this time, excavating thousands of graves of ancient Egyptians. No excavator has had as a huge impact on Egyptian archaeology with regards to methodology or even collecting of artifacts from a wide variety of sites as Sir Flinders Petrie. This organisation gave him the opportunity to dig in Egypt for the first time in , and a lifetime of work was set in motion. World War II was then at its height, and the head was delayed in transit. Petrie immediately recognized hieroglyphic characters in the inscriptions, but upon closer inspection realized the script was wholly alphabetic and not the combination of logograms and syllabics characteristic of Egyptian script proper.

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